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Quality certificates prove that our products conform to the strict requirements of the standard. The quality certificates are registered within the UkrSEPRO certification system under codes No. UA 1.015.0106405-06, UA 1.015.0106408-06, UA 1.015.0106407-06, issued by the State Agency for Certification of Metal Production (DonSERT), Donetsk, certification agency code No. 015. The manufactured products also have Russian quality certificates No. CC ROSS UA.AE44.H00234 and CC ROSS UA.AE44.B42582, registration agency code AE44, and sanitary/epidemiological inspection reports of the expert commission of the Ministry of Health of Russian Federation NN 50.РВ.01.148.П.006001.04.02 and 50.РВ.01.148.П.006001.04.02.

The factory pays close attention to the issue of quality of manufactured products.The quality of manufactured products is checked in an accredited lab (accreditation certificate N UA 4.001.015, issued by the Ministry of Industrial Policy of Ukraine) by way of testing the items for corrosion resistance, durability, holding power of handles, firmness of blades, roughness of surfaces, etc.
The factory's quality control system is designed so as to prevent production of items of low quality.

Quality certificates and inspection reports (Ukraine):

Quality certificates and inspection reports (Russia):

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